Chrif Trans

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Our Vehicles

Our Vehicles

Chrif Trans provides all your transport needs and takes the worry out of your travel so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your journey wherever it may be in Morocco!

All of our vehicles are:

  • Registered and fully insured with the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism
  • Serviced regularly to ensure your safety and those travelling with you
  • Maintained daily for cleanliness
  • For your exclusive use only
  • Comfortable with seats that provide generous leg room
  • Air conditioned for summer with heating for winter
  • Ample luggage storage with no restrictions on amount subject to available luggage space
  • Able to accommodate solo travelers and couples to larger group sizes.

Our Drivers

We’ve spent a long time finding the right drivers who meet the expectations of our guests, our regular clients and our standards.

We ensure that personal needs and safety are always our first priority.

Our drivers speak a number of different languages and we match the individual needs of our guests with specific drivers to the greatest extent possible.

All of our drivers are:

  • Registered with the Moroccan Ministry for Tourism & Transport
  • Fully licensed and insured with the Moroccan Transport Touristique Authority
  • Have a minimum of 5 Years experience driving Tourism Vehicles
  • Knowledgeable about travel in Morocco
  • Professional, Kind and Friendly